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Music has always been important to me.  I’ve been singing publicly since I was a little girl and I learned to play my first instrument, the clarinet, when I was in middle school.  After becoming a mom I realized just how much children benefit from music too.  Not only can music soothe a cranky baby, but it also stimulates the senses and promotes language development.

In 2004 I began teaching a music and story-time class at Symposia Bookstore.   The class quickly grew in popularity and soon I developed a music and movement class specifically for infants and toddlers and began to offer it in my home.

Musicology 4 Kids is a very interactive and energetic class that explores a variety of music styles for kids.  But one of the biggest appeals to parents and caregivers is that it has an open drop-in policy.  You participate in a class when you want to,  and you never pay when you don’t.  Simply sign-up online and show up to class.

TFLlogoI’m also a founding member of the popular family-friendly rock band, The Fuzzy Lemons.  I play acoustic guitar, tenor sax, clarinet, and lead vocals in the band.


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